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HEYRIADCOM become a trusted blog that recommended by one reader to another. We reviewing apps and providing tips and tricks after doing some tests and error and this is the reason why our blog is visited by thousands of readers every day.

We are one of professional Android Apps reviewers in Indonesia since 2014. If you are developer that has been launch apps or games in Google Play Store, let us review your app independently and in a honest way. Our clients not only from Indonesian, but there is also some requests to review the apps from developers around the world.

What is Benefits for Developer?

  • Developers can find out the advantages that must be keeping and disadvantages that must be maintained to improve their app functions, performance, features, UX and UI of the app that has been published.
  • Our readers can find out more clearly the functions of your apps and become a consideration to them to use it.
  • Each of the apps we reviewed, will be live forever in our blog and provide a link to the Google Play Store right where your apps are published.
  • To maintain the quality and confidence of our readers, we will review your application honestly. It’s a good way for the long term promotion strategies of your business.

What Will We Do When Reviewing Your Apps?

  • We will test your apps. Introduce developer identity, explaining your app functions and discuss the features within.
  • One of the things that are searched by our readers is tutorial. Yes, we will guide potential users of your app how to use great features within.

I want You Make a Video Review and Publish it on YouTube

That is an amazing idea! Yes we have official YouTube channel and it keep growing by subscribers.
Just chek out our YouTube Channel and see why many viewers are liking on our videos and good interactions by discussing it. Of course because we are A Pro Apps & Games Reviewers!
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